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Primary Plants (Keepers)My artificial sunlight setup has turned into a success. I'm sure my newly learned discipline of not over watering has helped too. The plants have grown quickly, especially the tomatoes. The most successful tomato is the Juliet and the most successful pepper is the Mild Jalapeno. They're getting to be too big. I did not anticipate the height so I'm going to have to dismantle my entire setup and adjust the shelf spacing.
Primary Plants (Keepers)I've also had to repot some of the extra plants that I still have room for. These are my backup plants, but ultimately they'll be given to friends, family, and coworkers since I really only have enough room for about a dozen plants on my patio. I'm expecting these to take off like the primary plants below them now that they have more room for roots to grow. They're only half the size of the primary plants even though they're the same age. The lesson here is that once your plants have gained their second leaves, it's probably better to put them in 5" pots instead of the 8 or 16 oz cups. It's amazing how fast they put out roots in the first two to three weeks!


I've switched to Sta-Green's Potting Mix Plus Fertilizer. This seems to be more suitable for my purpose and boy does it drain and hold water better! I'm not sure how well it will work for vegetable's and fruit, but until I do that research this should do fine until the plants go outside an dinto their final 18" pots.

Sta-Green's Potting Mix Plus Fertilizer