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James Bruton is owed a lot of credit for some of what now exists at If you're looking to be inspired by anything that is Robotic, Cosplay, Prop Replica, 3D-Printing, or Electronics then you probably need to start keeping up with his YouTube channel and website There are a lot of YouTube channels out there that are putting out some good stuff, but rarely do I find one that does it so well.

Bruton takes us step by step and rarely anything is missed, but you can also check out his website and get all of the details on projects featured in his videos. He has also released a lot of downloads free for everyone for his BB-8 and R6 projects at GitHub. Other downloads are available through an XRobots Patreon membership, which is well worth any price option you choose to suppot work and future projects. I personally would rather pay for content like this over cable TV.

There are a lot of other projects he has worked on, but in this article I'm going to go through some of his latest work.



BB-8 Head Design

BB8 29Bruton, like me, has also worked on a BB-8 project; though he is very well ahead of me. We're both members of the BB-8 Builders Club, but I think Bruton is likely the first one to have complete one (or will he upgrade it?). His early design is already functional and can move around with the head remaining on top. We're all hoping and waiting (impatiently) to see a more advanced version of BB-8 from him later, but you'll have to subscribe to his YouTube channel and find out. If you haven't watched his BB-8 videos you may have a lot of catching up to do as it is around 11 videos so far.

Bruton's partly 3D-Printed BB-8 design is based around the hovering head and powered by an Arduino. Inside is the head is where things happen, using omni wheels and an clever 3D-Printed frame to keep the wheels on the main body. The balance comes from an accelerometer / gyro device that lets the Arduino try to run the motors and wheels in such way to keep the head where it needs to be (on top). It's a complicated design in software, but doesn't quite give the same range of motion as the original BB-8 everyone saw at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA..

Here's the first video of Bruton's BB-8 project:


Hulkbuster Suit at Defconmock02One of Bruton's latest project is a life size Hulkbuster cosplay suit. It's amazing to see something as large as this come together and with lots of electronics to go with it. He's always adding more features to it and these videos are still very much ongoing even after 40+ videos. That means a lot of entertainment for those of you who like to watch builds like this. Much of his Hulkbuster is also 3D-Printed; though other other materials are involved. We're still waiting to see him walk around in this amazing creation, but I'm more eager just to see what goes on in the building process than anything. He's definitely impressed us with the size of this one!

This Hulkbuster's animatronics (panels, lights, etc.) can be controlled via WiFi or Bluetooth by means of a smartphone or tablet so the suit can be controlled while it's freestanding on display without someone inside. There are also joysticks and physical switches inside the suit so someone can jump in, latch up, unlock the joints and walk around.

This is still an ongoing project and we're likely to see improvements and finishing touches down the road. Here's the first video:


The latest addition to Bruton's project list is Ultron (from the latest Iron Man movie). In this project we're going not see a suit but a animatronic. We're very excited and impatiently waiting to see how this one is going to come together. The videos for this project has just begun so you'll need to take a look and then subscribe so you can see the future videos of this project.

Here is Part 1 of James Bruton's Project Ultron:


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